Local Repair Electrician


Repair... & Re-use... don't Bin-it !!!

Save Your Pocket, Don't add to Landfill & Save Waste !!!

My name is Chris, I have lived in Ashton-Hayes for over 32 years and 30 of those have been spent In Industry as an Electrical Repair Engineer. From my workshop, I provide a Service to Local people that many regard as a bygone trade. In the throw-away world we seem to live in, no-one seems to realise how much things cost. If it goes wrong, they dump it in the bin and go out and buy a new one.

What if you could keep your item ?, Still have the use of it ?, Maybe have it modified & Improved ?, Surely, a more cost effective Solution and something that may well go some way to help with the impact on the environment, as well as your pocket !


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